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  • Chapter 1. Page 9. Listing 1.2. GLuint glGenBuffers(1, &buffer); should be glGenBuffers(1, &buffer);.
  • Chapter 1. Page 9. Listing 1.2. The last line of the display function should call glutSwapBuffers(), not gutSwapBuffers().
  • Chapter 12. Page 178. Listing 12.3. The line

    float D = texture2D(disttex,st).

    should be

    float D = texture2D(disttex,st).r;

  • Chapter 23. Page 332. "The depth pass will determine the depth of the visible surfaces, and the color pass will then perform fragment shading only for the those surfaces."
  • Chapter 23. Page 333. "On a tile-based CPU, this read-modify-write..." CPU should be GPU.
  • Chapter 24. Page 337. "We will look at ways to eliminate shading work entirely if we can or perform operations more efficiently if we can't" The sentence is missing a period.
  • Chapter 24. Page 342. "Within mobile devices, there is also a larger well as application useabilty." Useabilty should be usability.

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